Popcorn with Chinese Characteristics

I well remember the first time I encountered a street-side popcorn vendor in China.  It was way back in September of1984, during my first year as an English teacher in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. I had travelled by train north from Zhengzhou to the small town of Xinxiang to visit a friend who was teaching there, and to help her celebrate her first birthday in China. 

We were strolling down the street outside the gate of her university, when all of a sudden there was a huge explosion on the sidewalk just ahead of us.  We hit the ground.  When the smoke cleared and we realized that we hand't been hit by a roadside bomb, we saw the popcorn man with his big toothy grin offering popcorn to the two stupid foreign women cowering against the wall.

How could we resist?

Here's a video clip of how it's done.


Source:  Matador Network

Where were you the first time you encountered a Chinese pocorn man?

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