Making a List

My mom (who some of us have taken to calling "Gracie" for some reason) has a blog called Gracewood Cottage.

Yesterday she wrote about going through my dad's roll-top desk for the first time since he died ten years ago. It was just something she could never bring herself to do until now. The desk was pretty much as it was the morning he died in 2001. 

She writes about finding his old index cards with lists of things to do.  He was an incredibly organized man, but for some reason that trait didn't pass to his daughters.  I'm not good witih lists.  I make lists, but then forget where I put them, or forget to take them with me, or just forget that I made the list. 

Anyway, the post is great, and poingnant, and makes me miss my dad. 

And makes me grateful for a great mom who blogs!!

Please click on over and give it a read.  And while you're there, subscribe.  Hopefully if she has more readers, she'll write more!!