China by the Numbers

You may recall that in November of last year, China conducted a census. I wrote about my experience with the friendly (and generous) census-takers here and here.

Last week, China released the official results of the 2010 National Census, and here are some of the more interesting numbers:

1.34 billion — China's total population.

73.9 million — population increase since the 2000 census

666 million — number of people living in urban areas (14% increase from 2000).  This means that China's urban/rural population split is now almost 50/50.

261 million — number of 'migrant workers,' those living in a place other than where their registration is located.

118 — number of baby boys born for every 100 baby girls born.

600,000 — number of foreigners living in  China

121,000 — number of South Koreans living in China (the most)

71,500 — number of Americans living in China (that would be me!)

107, 445 — number of foreigners living in Beijing.

I think the most interesting one is the urban/rural ration.  When I came to China in 1984, it was 20/80 — 20% of China's population lived in the cities, with 80% in the countryside. To go from that to 50/50 within 30 years is mind-boggling.


(HT: The Beijinger)

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