You’re Thinner

When I came home this afternoon, I entered the elevator in my building to return to my 5th floor apartment.  There was a man on the elevator, and he had already pressed 6, the number for our floor (I'll explain that in another blog post). When the door closed, he struck up a conversation:

He:  You're thinner.

Me:  Excuse me?  (said while stifling "who are you and why are making such a comment?")

He:  You're thinner.  You used to be a lot fatter.

Me:  Thank you, but I don't feel like I'm thinner.

He:  Are you exercising everyday?

Me:  Well, actually, I am. 

Mercifully, at that point the elevator stopped and we got off, and exchanged good-byes.

Just another conversation from the twilight zone!