Who’s Driving You?

In his book Country Driving Peter Hessler has this great observation after taking a Chinese driving course:

"Foreigners in Beijing often said to me, I can't believe you're driving in this country.  To which I responded: I can't believe you get into cabs and buses driven by graduates of Chinese driving courses. Out on the road, everybody was lost —une generation perdue–but if felt a little better to be the one behind the wheel." (p.51)

I thought about that this afternoon as I was hanging on for dear life in the back of a taxi as the driver jerked and swerved and careened his way down across the North Third Ring Road, threatening everything in his way as he tried to set a record driving time from San Yuan Qiao to Zi Zhu Qiao. 

And no, Hessler is NOT paying me to promote his book.  I just think it's a great book and that you should read it.