WHAM! Bam! The Great Wall!

In the previous post I mentioned that my mom, sister, and I had been at the Great Wall the same day that WHAM! was there and thus we might be visible in the background of any Wall shots on the video.  That was not the case for either of the videos posted earlier.

However…..as I was hunting around for the same version of the video on YouTube that I'd found on YouKu (obviously not successful), I did run across a different video of the group's visit to the Great Wall.  As I was watching it, lo and behold, there we were…about 30 yards away.  I was able to identify us because I  remembered the colors of the clothing we were wearing and that my mom was carrying a blue bag, which is clearly visible in the video.  Below is the video. You will see us between the 8 second and 19 second marks leaning on the wall down to the left (there's a man in a backpack who walks towards us, then on past).

To confirm my belief that the three people in the video are in fact, us, I was able to dig out a digitized photo (scanned from a slide) that I took of my mom and sister in that very spot.  In fact, in the video, it seems that I'm either putting my camera away or leaning down to take it out of a bag.  The color of the clothing is the same. The position of my sister against the wall is the same.  And I know from a recent trip to Badaling that what is off to the left of us in the video is what is in the background of the photo.

Jan grace on wall

(Sorry, mom and sis….I had to put this up!)

I don't know if you, dear reader, are amused by all this, but to me it's way too much fun!!