We Got a Little Convoy…

Beijingers love to fuss, and there are few things we love to fuss about more than the traffic. With a thousand or so new cars added to the roads on a daily basis, it seems that we are fast approaching the day when Beijing will simply be the world's largest parking lot.

This month, though, a traffic jam of epic proportions has developed outside of town that even has locals shocked.  Inbound traffic on Highway 110 entering Beijing from Hebei and Inner Mongolia from the northwest has ground to halt. As of today, the jam had entered it's tenth day with 40,000 trucks and cars backed up for 100 kilometers (62 miles).

Traffic jam 1
Traffic jam 2

A friend of mine wrote me with this commentary: 

"I think this calls for a convoy, US 70's style, breaker 1-9, Rubber Duckie.  Maybe we need to send over Chris Christofferson to rally the troops.  The Chinese worker proves once again that with good company, sunflower seeds and deck of cards, any event can be waited out.  Well, and maybe a few counterfeit DVD's thrown in for good measure.  Crouching driver, hidden passage."