Six Workmen and an Air-conditioner

Stuff 125 (Small)

My running battle with the living room air-conditioner has come to and end.  I won. The beast has been uninstalled and waits in my living room awaiting it's banishment. By the time a new AC is installed (hopefully by tomorrow evening), the process will have involved 6 different workmen:

Workman #1 was a repairman from the company that makes the unit.  He showed up on Tuesday, stuck his head out the window and announced "I'm not going out there to repair that.  I'll kill myself." (It's hanging on the side of my building and requires climbing out either my bedroom or living room window and shimmying along the side to get to it).

Workman #2 was sent by the property management company on Thursday. He wasn't afraid to climb out the window to check it. He climbed back in and said it would cost 1000 yuan to fix.  My landlady decided it would be best to just buy a new one for 3000 yuan.

Workman #3 showed up this morning to climb out the window and uninstall it. 

Workman #4 will come tomorrow morning to take it away.

Workman #5 will come later in the morning to deliver the new air-conditioner.

Workman #6 will come in the afternoon to install the new air-conditioner.

And that will make me very very happy! 

Thank you, Mrs. Li.