Sitting in a Box

Earlier this evening I took some visitors to a local restaurant. During the meal my cell phone rang. Because I believe that cell phone etiquette demands that calls be taken away from the table rather than subject fellow diners to one side of a private conversation, I stepped outside to take the call. 

As I was making my way back to the table, I looked behind a counter and saw a man sitting in a box.  Not sitting on a box.  Not sitting beside the box.  He was sitting in the box, looking perfectly happy and yes, even comfortable. 

During the rest of the meal I kept my eye on the counter, and every once in awhile he'd stand up and do something at the counter, then go back to sitting in his box.

I wanted to take a photo, but couldn't think of a way to discreetly photograph a man sitting in a box behind the counter in a crowded restaurant.

I also decided that if I were sitting in a box behind the counter in a crowded restaurant I would probably not want someone to take a picture of me either.

Some questions in life will never be answered. 

"Why was that man sitting in a box?" is probably one of them.