Seventeenth Third

Today is my 17th 3rd birthday. One of my 'mathy' friends pointed that out to me yesterday when I was bemoaning the actual number on this particular birthday.

Of course when she said that I immediately thought of my first third birthday, which is really one of the first memories I have.  My family was living in the Pakistani town of Dadu , in the middle of the Sind Desert.

Our house was a typical Dadu house: a 2-story, mud-brick house overlooking a walled-in courtyard. No running water (well, my dad ran down to the neighborhood well). 

My memory of that first third birthday is sitting on top of the charpai (rope bed) in our courtyard playing with my brand new red and green dump truck!  Where my folks came up with that dump truck in the middle of Pakistan, I have no idea; but I was thrilled. 

Somewhere in my mom's house in Minnesota is a photo of me and the dump truck. If I were there I'd dig it out and post it. 

Oh well.