Rumble Follow-up

I finally made it back to the Green Umbrellas today, a week after the big rumble, to settle my bill.  One of the girls working behind the counter had been our waitress that night.  I stopped at the counter and said that I had fled the night of the rumble and wanted to pay. 

She looked at me sheepishly and said "oh yes, you were eating the chicken/peanuts and the bean dishes."  That actually wasn't hard for her to remember since those are the two dishes that we have almost ALWAYS ordered for the past ten years! ."You had a coke too."

I told her that yes, I had ordered a can of coke, but hadn't actually opened it.  At that, a knowing look came across here face and she said to the other girl behind the counter:  "Oh, that explains why there was an unopened can of coke on the other side of the room that night.   One of the fighters must have picked it up and thrown it. "  I suggested that perhaps I shouldn't pay for that can of Coke, and they readily agreed.

I asked her a bit more about the fight and what happened after we had left.  She said that it had gone on for quite awhile following our departure, and that eventually the police showed up and arrested them all. 

I was glad to hear that, but it made me wish we had positioned ourselves safely across the street and stuck around to watch a bit more action.

Next time….