Repairmen #7 and #8

The ongoing air-conditioner saga hopefully came to a close today when repairmen #7 and #8 left my house this morning around 10:00.  In my last update, I reported that I was waiting for Repairmen #4, #5, and #6 to come to remove my old AC and install a new one in my living room.

I'm happy to report their successful completion of those tasks, although I had to be surprisingly firm in getting #5 and #6 (they were a team) to use a safety harness when they climbed out my 5th floor window carrying a giant AC unit.  For some reason, they didn't think the safety harness was necessary.  All I could think of was them falling to their deaths with a brand new AC in their arms and me being carted off to a detention center for not looking out after the safety of the hired workers.  They finally acquiesced.

That's the good news.  The bad news is that the very next day the air-conditioners in my two bedrooms quit working.  As you can imagine, I was a bit reluctant to have to call my landlady and break the news to her, but since it was 106 degrees outside, I overcame that reluctance and called her with the bad news. 

Although surprised, she took it in stride, and called yet another set of repairmen (#7 and #8), who weren't able to get to my place until this morning.  The 'motherboard' on one was on the blink so they replaced that.  The outside unit of the other one was filthy, so #8 crawled out the window (happily wearing a safety harness, I might add) and cleaned it.

Eight repairmen later, all my air-conditioners are now working.