Presidential Sighting

On Wednesday I spent 3 hours at the Cape Town International Airport waiting to board my flight for Dubai.  I hadn't eaten lunch so settled in at a nice cafe overlooking the ramp.  I'm a bit of an airplane buff so really enjoyed watching all the flights come and go.

Shortly after sinking my teeth into a delicious chili chicken wrap a South African Air Force plane pulled up to the terminal right in front of where I was sitting.  Stairs were pulled up to the aircraft and for the next half hour or so lots of people got on and off.

Then suddenly a long convoy of black cars pulled up.  Armed soldiers jumped out of the bigger SUV's and positioned themselves around the plane.  Once they were in place the doors of the car that had stopped at the bottom of the stairs opened and out stepped South African President Zuma!!  He saluted the soldiers at the bottom of the stairs and climbed aboard.  The doors closed, the stairs were pulled back, and off he went, to where I don't know.

I really wanted to whip out my camera but surmised that there were under-cover security forces lurking in the terminal who would'nt be too pleased.

Kind of a fun memory anyway.