Not an Uneventful Day

A day can be considered not uneventful when Gracie's Toyota Camry and a jeep have an unexpected 'meet and greet' at a 4-way stop as she's on the way to church. No, her gas pedal didn't stick; it was just one of those distracted moments.

She is absolutely fine — no bumps, bruises, or even scrapes.  Mostly she's just annoyed.

And grateful…

…for the driver of the jeep who was kind and understanding and just told her not to worry.  "It's just a car," he said. 

…for the cop who told her not to let anyone (like her daughters, for example) take away her car keys because she has a clean driving record.

…for the tow truck driver who, after hooking her car up to his truck dropped her off at home on the way to the auto body shop.  As they drove up the street, with her bright red car trailing behind she commented that this was sure to be the buzz of the neighborhood.  "Let them buzz," he told her. 

Once home, she called the church and asked someone to come pick her up so she could be there to play the piano. 

She really is fine but it's stuff like this that makes it hard to return to Beijing this week….