Got Anti-biotics?

I'm in Hong Kong this week attending a conference.  The last time I was here was in November, when I came down for my knee surgery, and just as happened that time, 2 days before coming I came down with a very nasty cold/cough/sore throat.  Even though I love Hong Kong my body seems to have an aversion to even making plans to come here.

By the time my plane landed yesterday I had completely lost my voice, which is a fairly big deal since I am a scheduled speaker this evening.  After crashing in my hotel room for a few hours, in the evening I hit the streets looking for drugs…er…um…medicine.  The hotel is in a very Chinese (non-touristy) neighborhood, so there was a pharmacy on every corner.

Not entirely sure what the pharmacy regulations are in Hong Kong, I walked into one place and asked if they sold antibiotics.  "No Problem!  Which one do you want?" 

"Do you have Zithromax?" I asked him.

"No problem."  And off he want to the back of the shop.

I paid him my ten bucks, and off I went.

I love Asia.