Beijing’s Winter Wonderland

Last weekend Beijing decided it that it wanted to pretend to be Minnesota for awhile.  Six to twelve inches of snow fell (the most in 50 years) and the temps plummeted to 0 (f), which may have been an all-time record low. In the 12 years that I've lived in Beijing I don't think 12 inches total have fallen, and I never remember the temps going  below about 10.

I must admit to being glad that I'm not in Beijing for all the frigid weather.  I'm not suggesting that it's warmer here in Minnesota (we'll have minus 30 windchill tonight), but I do know that cold and snow is easier to handle here.

I'm guessing that the folks that decided to turn the Bird's Nest into a winter wonderland this year are smiling.  I wrote about this earlier, and now want to direct you to some great photos on the BBC News website.