We’re Having Weather

It's raining in Beijing this afternoon, the first time since October 24 that any precipitation of any sort has made its way out of the sky!  Just this past week the papers have been filled with stories of the toll this severe drought is taking on the wheat crop here in northern China, so even this little bit of rain is a welcome sight.

I suspect that Farmer Wang will be deputized to help as well.

Over the weekend a colleague flying in from Vancouver had her flight delayed.  She informed us that the reason given to her by the airline was 'bad weather in Beijing.'  Bad weather in Beijing?  We didn't have any bad weather in Beijing.  In fact, we have hardly had any weather whatsoever in Beijing for 3 months.  Just smoggy sunny skies. Beijing is, by and large, a city without weather.

But today we are finally having some weather in Beijing.