Watermelon Season

Summer is watermelon season in China.  Selling, buying, and eating watermelon become national obsessions from May to September.  In a land where 90% of the people live where it is beastly hot all summer, watermelon is a natural choice for a 'feel cool' food. 

But one chap in Hangzhou has taken it to a new level.  Literally.

There's a fun video clip making the rounds on Youku (the Chinese version of YouTube) of him riding around Hangzhou on a motor scooter with a watermelon balanced on his head.

(The site is in Chinese, but never mind.  Just hit the play button and the clip will start.)

There's a lively discussion in the comments thread about whether or not the watermelon is real.  Looks real to me, but who knows.  You be the judge.

One of these days I may learn how to embed videos into blog posts, but not now.  It's too hot.