Two MRIs Please. To Go.

My knees are a mess, and next week I have an appointment with a knee specialist from Hong Kong to see if there is anything that can be done to stop the grinding and scraping and near constant pain.

At lunch on Monday I was chatting about this with some colleagues, and I mentioned that I was afraid that the doctor next week was going to tell me to get an MRI, at which point I'd then have to schedule one, get it done, then schedule another visit with him.  "Well, why not go to a local hospital and get one done before next week," a colleague suggested.  Hmm. Never thought of that….just walk into a hospital and say "I'd like an MRI please."  Another colleague who is having some knee pain said "hey I'll go with you," and the plans were set in motion.

I contacted the western clinic where I will meet the specialist and asked where they recommend getting MRIs done.  "The Number 304 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army," she replied, which happens to be in my neighborhood. 

My colleague, Mr. BW, and I met at the 304 PLA Hospital at 8Am to guahao, that is 'register.' This is always the first step upon entering a hospital.  Think of it as an entrance ticket.  Without it, all you can do is wander around.  We found the MRI department in the basement and walked up to the desk.  "We'd like to have an MRI."  Of course her first question was "which department is sending you down for this?", to which we replied, "None.  We're here on our own.  We want MRI's done on our knees."  She gave us a funny look, but also gave us the forms to fill out.  We took them upstairs to the cashier and paid our money.  I had to make a quick stop at the ATM machine in the lobby since I was getting 2 knees done and had only brought enough money for 1.  Receipts in hand, we returned to the basement and were told to return at 430.

Which we did. An hour later we were done, and by the next morning I had picked up our films.  It was all quite pleasant and shunli (smooth).

Next stop, the specialist.