My "precuperation" regimen of laying low on Wednesday to shake the cold worked so we were able to go ahead with the surgery on Thursday afternoon.  What to say?  According to the doctor, it went very smoothly and I get to take home some souvenirs from Hong Kong–3 screws in my leg.

My recuperation procedures have consisted of taking lots of little pills, doing leg exercises in bed, and learning how to walk with crutches.  Yesterday morning already the PT had me walk up and down a flight of stairs!

I can't say that having surgery is a pleasant experience, but everything about this hospital is more than pleasant — the super friendly and helpful staff, the exceptional care, and the gorgeous view from my room of ships coming and going.

Our return to Beijing was originally scheduled for Saturday, but since surgery ended up being later in the day on Thursday than planned, we've pushed it back to Sunday. I'll be honest and say it's hard to imagine maneuvering the HK airport tomorrow, but I know the strength will be given when it's needed.

Thanks for your prayers.