Reality TV

With all the crazy 'Reality TV Wannabe' nuts in the news of late (think Balloon Boy and White House Party Crashers), I thought this would be a good time to direct you to a very funny blog post written by a friend of mine who works in Shanghai.

It's called "Life in China IS RealityTV."  Here's the teaser paragraph:

China is a country of “watchers”: people sitting around and simply
studying other people being…well…people!?! One of the things that
foreigners have to get used to here is what we would call “staring” …
many here would call, simply, “observing the behavior of those around
them.”  I suppose that makes sense … there are so many people there
that free content is always available.  Several decades ago, just being
a foreigner in China attracted attention. Go to the market, let a
couple of Chinese words slip out of your mouth and you gained such a
crowd of interested onlookers that you could put up a tent and charge

Please take the time to clink on this link and read the whole thing.  You won't be disappointed.

If I were to make a reality tv show here, it would center around a very active expat confined to her apartment for rehab.  Watch as she slowly goes round the bend!