I'm in Hong Kong now, getting ready for my knee surgery tomorrow (November 19). Or, in good Chinese fashion I should say "perhaps" it will be tomorrow.  There are 52 weeks in a year, but this is the week that I get smacked with a cold! Yesterday I coughed my way down here on the flight from Beijing.  By this morning I had images of me lying on the operating table, with the surgeon poised with his scalpel to begin work…I suddenly cough, and he accidentally cuts my leg off.  It wasn't a pretty sight!  I called his nurse to tell her what was up (that I was coughing, not that I was afraid the doctor would cut off my leg), and she said "get thee to a GP to make sure it's not the flu and call me back."

The hotel recommended a nice clinic down the street.  I showed up, saw a doctor, was told I just have a cold, given some meds, paid some money, and was on my way.  After that I had a long conversation with the anestheseologist, the gist of which is that when I check into the hospital tomorrow he'll make the determination as to whether I'm well enough to proceed.  He told me to drink lots of fluids and stay in bed all day.  So I made up a word:  PRECUPERATING!! 

So now, having to deal with the uncertainty of what post-op is going to be like, I now have the added the uncertainty of not even knowing if I'll be able to have the surgery tomorrow! 

Prayers are much appreciated!