No Panini For You!

For lunch today I went with some colleagues to a bakery called Paris Baguette.  We each had the chicken panini sandwich, but believe me, it wasn't easy! We went in at lunchtime, 12:15.  It seemed to us like a good time for a sandwich.  We were wrong.  Our conversation with the girls at the counter went something like this:

Us:  We'd like 3 chicken panini sandwiches please.

Counter girl #1:  We don't have any.

Us:  Can you make them? 

Counter girl #1:  No.

Us:  Why not?

Counter girl #1:  We only make them in the afternoon.  It's a regulation!

Us (me really):  Come again??

Counter girl#2:  There's a regulation–we can only make paninis in the afternoon. 

Us:  What kind of crazy regulation is that?  It's lunch-time and we would like to have a panini for lunch, not supper (when we will be long gone from this miserable mall).

Counter girl #1:  Sorry. There's a regulation.  We only make paninis in the afternoon. 

Us:  But if you won't make paninis for lunch, then you will lose our business. We won't come back anymore. 

Counter girl #1:  That's Ok.  There's a regulation!

Finally counter girl #2 spoke up and said she'd make them for us.  Now there's a novel idea—serve the customer!  I sure hope she didn't get in trouble for breaking the regulation!