Let There Be Snow

Earlier this week I wrote about the unusual heavy snowfall that we had here in Beijing on November 1. One report I saw said it was the heaviest snowfall in 22 years.

On Tuesday the Weather Modification Office (now there's a scary govt. bureaucracy for you!) proudly announced that they were responsible for the snow. Apparently they shot lots of chemicals into the clouds to induce the snowfall.  And the Weather Modification Office said "Let there be snow, and there was snow." The WMO bureaucrats saw what they had done and said "this is good, because it will help relieve the drought."

But The People had other ideas….

Following the announcement by the WMO, Beijing citizens responded with outrage and went online to castigate to the WMO bureaucrats for causing massive chaos in the city, and disrupting air travel and rail travel all over the country. Even the official newspapers ran editorials taking the WMO to task. 

Another thing that made people angry is that this huge snowfall came 2 weeks before another set of bureaucrats turns on the heat for the city, never mind the fact that snow is a result of cold not the other way around.

At any rate the Public Heating bureaucrats have taken pity on the The People and turned the heat on already.

And that, my friends, is a wonderfully happy ending to this story!