Knee Surgery This Week

In July I wrote about the problems I've been having with my knees and a recommended surgical procedure that a knee specialist in Hong Kong was suggesting.  After much prayer and many conversations with doctors and physical therapists, I've decided to go ahead with the surgery…this week.

I and a friend will fly to Hong Kong on Tuesday afternoon. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, and the current plan is for us to fly back to Beijing on Saturday afternoon.  I know it sounds crazy, but that's what the doctor said I could do. My friend is going along so I don't have to be in the hospital alone and to help me make the trip back to Beijing.  I'm guessing that may involve pushing a wheelchair!

A quick background for those of you new to this blog—my knees (especially the right one) have been getting steadily worse.  The underlying problem is a wandering kneecap which the surgeon intends to move and then screw into place (well, he won't actually screw the kneecap….the tendon or whatever its called that it sits in).  I really try not to think about it…doing so makes me feel faint!

Once I return to Beijing I'm not quite sure what to expect.  I do anticipate a couple of weeks on crutches, and 3 months of physical therapy, but how much mobility I'll have initially is hard to say.  I'm grateful for friends and colleagues who have promised to look after me next week, which primarily means keeping me fed, I think. 

My goal is to ski next winter!!

Thanks in advance for your prayers.