Heat Wave

We had a mini heat wave in Beijing this week, with temps climbing into the 80's on Wednesday. I think that might be some sort of record high for the date.  I have 3 random observations on the heat wave:

1.  You know it's hot when you spot a man standing on the sidewalk with his shirt rolled under his arms, rubbing his belly.  It's a Beijing 'guy thing.'

2.  Because people here dress according to the calendar, not the weather, everyone still has at least one layer of long underwear on.  Long underwear is to be worn until May 1, no questions asked.  The result is that when it gets as warm as it did this week, everyone starts to sweat, meaning that the smell of perspirated garlic is heavy in the air.  (yes, I just made up that word, but it's OK, because I am the self-declared president of a Redactological Society).

3.  I really really wanted to wear sandals this week, but feared that the grannies in my neighborhood would either beat me up or have heart attacks.  It just didn't seem worth it.  They'd be horrified enough if they knew I shed my long underwear a month ago.

Temps are dropping even as I write, but it was fun while it lasted.