Grace is Coming

No, that's not a profound theological statement.  Well, actually it is, and given that tomorrow is Easter, it's quite appropriate for today.

However, what I'm really talking about is this:  my mom is on her way to Beijing today!  The last time she came was two years ago, to celebrate her 80th birthday.  

After that trip, she proclaimed that it was her last and that she would not make the trek again.  That resolve lasted only until a college friend piped up in the fall and said she'd be willing to travel here with my mom, and since she works for an airline, she'd bring her in first class.  Persuasion time was exactly 3.25489 seconds.

So that's how it came to be that my mom and now two college friends are right now over Siberia on their way into Beijing.   They will be here until Sunday the 19th.  Stay tuned for updates!