Give Me that Part-time Religion

The Global Times, China's new and improved English language Daily has an interesting article today on harried Beijing city-slickers who escape to suburban temples for the weekend to 'get a taste of part time religious life.'

They are lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers and artists, different in
their weekday worlds, but sharing a common identity as “weekend

Taking time out to live a simple temple life has become popular with
professionals and executives in recent years, all keen to escape their
hectic city lives.

In the past few years, temples such as the Huayan Temple in
Chongqing have begun to accept a special group of visitors, everyday
people wanting a taste of part-time religious life.

Not completely converting to Buddhism, the weekend visitors stay for
a few days, wear traditional clothing, enjoy simple vegetarian meals
and potter about, contemplating the universe and relaxing their minds.

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