Get Moving, Beijingers!

The Beijing City Government has launched yet another campaign to improve the lives of us Beijingers.  The formal name of this campaign is "Program for a Healthy Beijing–Citizen Health Action Plan for the Decade." Good grief—just saying it is a workout.  All that to say the government thinks that we Beijingers need to put down our chopsticks, move away from the table and start moving more.  The goals of the program are enumerated in a recent article in The Global Times:

1 promoting healthy knowledge
2 healthy diet
3 anti-smoking measures
4 physical exercise
5 teeth hygiene
6 eye care
7 self-estimating in health status
8 preventing and controlling malignant tumors
9 mother-baby life safeguarding

I'm particularly interested in the 'self-estimating in health status.'  That seems like it would be very beneficial for my overall physical well-being.

You'll be happy to know that I did my part tonight as a loyal Beijinger, and spent time at the gym.  Not much time, mind you, but I was there and I was moving.  A little. Now, where did I put my chopsticks?