Comfort Food

Being in convalescent mode the past two weeks has given me a renewed appreciation for comfort food.  You know what I'm talking about — those foods that somehow have emotional significance, the ones that remind you of your childhood or a pleasant memory, or home. These are the foods that make you feel good, not necessarily in a physical sense, but psychologically.

Here's my list of the top ten comfort foods that are aiding in my recovery from surgery. :

1. toast with peanut butter (the world's best food)

2. Honey Nut Cheerios (thanks to a friend who brought me some boxes awhile back)

3. mashed potatoes (what's not to like about that?)

4. turkey and turkey sandwiches (well, it was Thanksgiving last week)

5. cheese and crackers

6.  soup

7. lots of ice water

8. ice cold Pepsi

9. spaghetti

10. taco hot dish

I'm grateful for friends who have kept up a steady supply of those things. 

My Chinese friends have also done their part to make sure that I have plenty to eat.  To them, it seems like every physical ailment in the world that can be instantly cured by eating, and eating lots.  Shortly after I got back from Hong Kong, 2 friends showed up (at 10AM) with an entire Beijing Duck meal, which included the whole duck, head and all!  Normally I'm a fan of Beijing Duck, but not for a late breakfast and not while I'm sick! 

Another Chinese friend showed up with a loaf of sliced bread in hand and promptly went into my kitchen and turned the whole loaf into french toast.  When she was done, she wanted me to eat all ten pieces right then and there.  I declined.  Mind you, french toast does get close to being a comfort food, but not at 3 in the afternoon! 

Time to hobble into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.