At Middle Age

In case you're wondering about my knees, here's an update.

It turns out that there is a vendor in the basement of the Silk Market who sells titanium knees (probably fake, I know), and he tells me he can have one ready for me in three days.  His buddy Dr. Wang (no relation to Farmer Wang who is responsible for making it rain in Beijing)* can put it in right there ("no problem"). 

Seriously…..I've been trying to find out as much as possible about the recommended procedures before making a final decision on if/when to do the surgery.  A doctor I talked to in the US thought I might be a bit old for this procedure (he normally does it on twenty-somethings).  Great, I thought.  Now I'm too old for this surgery but too young for a new knee.  Another reason its no fun being middle aged.

I talked to the Hong Kong doctor about this and his response was that nearly all of the patients on whom he performs this procedure are my age.  This sent me once again leaning towards having the surgery done in September as he was suggesting.

The problem is now he no longer has any openings in September.  Quite honestly, this is a bit of a relief in that I felt like I was having to rush to make a decision, and I was having a hard time figuring out how to fit surgery and rehab into what are already two very busy months for me (September and October).  I will now see about the possibility of a November surgery.

So that's the news from Beijing, where the men have their shirts rolled up, the women are carrying umbrellas, and all the children are doing homework.

*to read more about our beloved Farmer Wang, go here, here, and here.