Weather Report

In the week leading up to the opening of the games, the weather and the condition (visible or not) of the sky were the main stories. Would the anti-pollution measures put into place by the government result in the promised good weather? It didn't rain on the Opening Ceremonies, and the government took credit for that by saying they fired stuff at incoming clouds to keep the rain away from the stadium. But since then, there's been very little written about the weather.  Which is interesting, since the weather has been ….well, BAD.  Typical August bad—-hot, humid, hazy, rainy, dreary. We finally had a monsoon-like deluge yesterday that looks like it might have cleared the air for awhile anyway.  This morning I can actually see the sky, and it's actually still a bit blue.  I hope that the lack of attention to the weather now is a sign that we have all finally realized that the not even this government can control the weather.  They were presumptuous in making the claim, and the world was gullible and naive to believe it.