The Flu! The Flu!

Yesterday a co-worker and I made the trek across town to United Family Hospital to get flu shots.  They were on sale — 88 kuai!  (about 13 bucks). A sweet nurse gave us the gentlest shots ever.  After administering them, she dutifully told us to drink lots of water the rest of the day.  And by the way, she said, "you might experience some mild flu symptoms in the next 24 hours.  Don't worry.  This is normal." What?  We're going to get the flu? (well, yes, she had just injected it into our bodies!). That was a mistake, because by the time evening came and we were working out at the gym, both of us had become convinced that our throats were sore and we were achy all over, and thus were getting the flu! I'm quite sure that if the sweet nurse hadn't said anything, we would not have felt (or thought we felt) anything.

Such is the power of suggestion!

UPDATE: My co-worker just sent me an email declaring her "brief flu officially over."  Mine too.  Of course, it's still an open question whether or not we really had the symptoms!!!