That Giant Sucking Sound

That giant sucking sound you may hear emanating from the direction of Beijing today is the sound of Chinese government officials sucking their teeth as they look out their windows and see the fog/smog/mist….whatever it is.  The IOC and government officials keep shouting MIST MIST, but the reporters just laugh.  Ok, it is foggy this morning, but by noon the fog will burn off and leave behind the smog.  Sigh.

UPDATE:  I was right.  The fog has burned off, leaving behind the smog.  And super high humidity.  Some colleagues and I biked several miles this morning to try to catch a glimpse of the torch relay.  It came by where we were in a truck.  The flame-mobile.  We nearly dropped dead from heat exhaustion. And this on the day an official announced that since yesterday was the start of autumn according to the Chinese lunar calendar Beijing would henceforth experience no more "sauna-like" weather.  Why do they keep saying these things?  Today was the worst yet!