Plotting Supper

Tonight I and some friends will be heading to the Bird's Nest for the evening's track and field competitions. We had been excited at the prospects of seeing local hero Liu Xiang run for gold in the 110m hurdles, but alas, that will not happen. Because this will be our first time at a venue actually inside the Olympic Green, we're planning to go around 5pm for our 7pm event. This will give us a couple of hours to explore the area. But we're already starting to worry about food. If we get there at 5, and the events don't end until near midnight, what will we eat? I've heard that there are a couple of MacDonald's within the Green, but that they are super crowded.  Otherwise it may just be snickers and potato chips.  But wait….maybe there's another option.

The reporting team at the Wall Street Journal has discovered the existence of self-heating lunch boxes within the green.  They bought one, took it back to their office, and produced a video clip about it, titled "Exploding Lunch Boxes."   Follow the link.  It's quite funny.

If you don't hear from my again, I've most likely been taken out by one of these.