Peasant Olympics

Some headlines and stories are just too rich to  pass up.  Here's one:  China Kicks Off Farmer Olympics.   And here's the story, from Reuters: 

Fresh from hosting the Olympics, China opened its "National Peasants' Games" on Sunday, showcasing the athletic achievements of its 750 million farmers. Around 3,500 rural residents from around the country will compete in
sports ranging from the more traditional basketball and athletics to
tailored ones such as tyre-pushing and tug-of-war, the official Xinhua
news agency said. "Unlike most games that highlight the limits of physical strength and
competitiveness, the games for peasants emphasise more on recreation
and less on the results," Xinhua said. Authorities in Quanzhou, in eastern Fujian province, built or renovated 15 venues to host the events, Xinhua said, with a price tag close to 1 billion yuan (92 million pounds)."A successful national Peasants' Games showcases the achievements made by the Chinese people
in the 30 years of the reform and opening up to the outside world,"
Xinhua quoted Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai as telling the opening ceremony.

Yup.  Nothing like peasants playing tug-of-war to show the world how far we've come.  JIAYOU!!! I'm rooting for Farmer Wang.  I wonder if they're selling tickets on Craigslist.

UPDATE:  go here for a more detailed article from Xinhua, and some photos.  I doubt China will ever again do a sporting event without shooting off fireworks from the roof of a stadium.