Outside-in Goes Down Under

After being back in Beijing for 3 days, I’m leaving again tonight, this time on a brand new adventure.  I’m going "down under," to Australia.  And not just to Australia, but to the "down under" of the ‘down under,’ namely the island state of Tasmania, off the southern coast of the mainland. I will be spending most of  the next few weeks in and around the city of Launceston.  I’ve been invited by an Australian organization to provide cross-cultural training/orientation. It’s going to be a trip of numerous "firsts" for me.  My first time to Australia.  My first time south of the equator—the closest I’ve been is Singapore, which is 80 miles.  My first time to cross-cultural training in a culture that I know nothing about.

I’m still not over jet-lag following the trip from the States, and now I face another 18 hour trip!  As my niece would say "this is insane!"

Stay tuned!