Of Fungus and Laser Tag

Ok folks, this is a quiz. Answer the following question: what do fungus and laser tag have in common? You have five seconds to answer…..BZZZZZ. TIME’S UP! If you answered NOTHING–ANY IGNORAMOUS KNOWS THAT FUNGUS AND LASER TAG HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON, then you are wrong. If, however, you answered THE 2008 BEIJING OLYMPICS then you are correct—you get to win the grand prize of 2 tickets to the Opening Ceremonies of the Games, which you will not be able to actually use since you will most likely not be able to get a visa come here.  And so it goes….

Oh wait…..the connection between fungus and laser tag.  I almost forgot! It’s like this.  A friend went to the hospital last week for some treatment of fungus on his feet.  He was told that the medicine was not available —because of the Olympics.  They’re having a hard time getting liquid medicines into town due to a ban on mailing or shipping liquids and gels. (kind of a scary thought, really).  The next day he tried to take his kids to a park to play laser tag, but was told that the laser tag facility was ordered closed for the duration of the Games.  I guess foreign kids running around with toy guns is just too much of a security risk.