Got Milk?

Of course the big news out of post-Olympics China is the great milk scandal–the discovery of a nasty substance being added to milk and milk powder that has sickened tens of thousands and killed a handful of infants.  Apparantly milk and milk powder and milk products have practically disappeared from the shelves in China.  Today I read that even the beloved White Rabbit Candy has gone down.  For those of you unfamiliar to Chinese confectionary, White Rabbit is one of the few products from the old days (hard-line Socialist China) that has survived and thrived in modern China. A more basic candy could not be found. Basically, it's just a toffee-like candy, that is just, well milk.  Hard milk.  A milk candy that is guaranteed to keep dentists in business for a long time.  When I first went to China in the 80's it was pretty much the only candy that was available.  And now it's off the shelves.  Wow.  Hopefully it will be a temporary absence.