Earthquake Relief

By now you’ve all heard about the terrible earthquake in Sichuan province on Monday.  It was so strong that it was felt all over the country, even in Beijing.  I was out of the country on Monday so I did not feel it.  I’m glad, in that I’m quite terrified of earthquakes!  The stories and the pictures and the statistics pouring in on an hourly basis are really too much to comprehend. The scale of the lives and livelihood lost is staggering.  If you would like to donate to disaster relief in the area, here are some recommended agencies:

Operation Blessing

World Vision

Heart to Heart International

For some good reporting on the disaster, check out these:

NPR: Chengdu Diary ( a blog by NPR reporters who were in Chengdu at the time of the earthquake)

After the Earthquake, by Peter Hessler (New Yorker Magazine)

Beichuan: A Vision of Hell, by by Clifford Coonan (The Independent)