Down to the Marrow

This one falls into the category of "just when you think you've seen (or heard) it all, and there's nothing left here to shock me."  Quite obviously, only fools think like that.  A colleague and I wneto to our favorite neighbhorhood restaurant for lunch today.  After we ordered our usual dishes — gongbao jiding (kungpao chicken) and spinach with garlic,  I noticed a woman at the table next to us gnawing on a giant bone;  I mean a big one—not from some little chicken, but from an animal that obviously needed four legs to keep it up. She had a plastic glove on to keep her hand from getting greasy.   Now I've never been a fan of eating meat down to the bone.  I'm the one who leaves half the meat on a piece of fried chicken because the closer my teeth and lips get to the bone (and other creepy stuff), the queasier I get.  So, when I saw her chewing on the bone, I must admit I averted my gaze.

Just as our food arrived we suddenly heard a giant sucking sound from the table of bone gnawers.  It was some serious sucking, the kind you get when you're trying to get the last drop of chocolate milkshake from the bottom of the glass.  Don't want to miss a drop.  Not being able to imagine what was being sucked (we don't drink tea with straw), I glanced over and saw the 4 diners at that table, all with straws embedded deep into the bones, sucking the marrow out.  Remove top of bone.  Insert straw.  Suck with all your might. 

It was neither a pretty sight nor a pretty sound, and unfortunately by the time they had sucked the marrow dry my appetite was gone!!