Che Dui (convoy)

If you watched the Opening Ceremonies you probably noticed that there were many – 80 I think – heads of state or government that came to town for the party. Many have left by now, but the American president has remained in town to attend some games and meet with the Chinese president. This morning I happened across his che dui (convoy) as he was leaving a church service.
I had gone to a hotel near the church he was attending to meet some friends visiting from Minnesota.  Along the way I knew my taxi would pass the church so I was curious to see if he was still there and if so, how tight the security would be.  Traffic was moving normally on both sides of the road, but I did notice that lots of security vehicles and personnel, many of them American, so I assumed he was still there.  I grabbed my friends and we all walked to up to the street in hopes that it his convoy may start to move.  It was just after 9, and I figured the service had ended and he would likely pass by.  Sure enough, all traffic was suddenly stopped, and the convoy started to move.  We 8 Americans stood on the corner waving as our president drove by, going from church to a meeting with the Chinese president.  It happened too fast for me to get my camera ready.  That's probably just as well, since the Chinese cop we were standing by probably would have bopped me on the head if I'd gotten it out!