World’s Most Boring News Article

I think I have found what is arguably the world’s most boring news article.  It’s a product of the Xinhua News Agency, China’s official news outlet and mouthpiece of the Party.  The headline alone nearly put me to sleep: "China’s Top Officials Receive Lectures on Society’s Top Issues."  I love the phrase "received lectures."  As for the article itself, here’s a sampling:

  Seventy-seven scholars from 37 institutes and
universities have been invited to Zhongnanhai, the Chinese leaders’
compound in downtown Beijing, to give the lectures. The Chinese Academy
of Social Sciences provided the highest number of lecturers.

"These collective study meetings
show the central leadership values democratic decision making and
collective wisdom, which is of great importance to the progress of
China’s political democracy and civilization," the report quoted
several lecturers – including Li Lin from CASS and Zhao Shukai from the
Development Research Center of the State Council – as saying.

Wake me up when it’s over.