Who’s Minding the Crackdown?

With the opening ceremony of the Olympics now only 244 days away, the crackdowns are coming fast and furious.  So much so, that it’s almost impossible to keep up.  A new one was announced today, this one aimed at the police!  Well, specifically the behavior of the police.  Apparently there is a problem with the behavior of those who are supposed to be carrying out all the other crackdowns that have been announced over the past few months.  And what are some of the…ahem…"issues" with the police—the troubling behaviors that they are trying to root out?  According to the Ministry of Public Security announcement, the crackdown will focus on the following:  wearing police uniforms or police badges in a wrong way; smoking, eating food, and chatting in working hours; not having a positive attitude; negligence of duty; and obeying traffic rules.  In addition the inspections will check up on how things are going with "The Five Bans" that were issued a few years ago, which include gambling, drinking on duty and abusing guns.  Does that say abusing guns???

Go here to read all about it in the China Daily.