Where’s the Car?

This is yet another "traffic in China" post.  My friend, who writes for "That’s Shanghai" has written about his disappearing minivan in Shanghai.  It starts out like this:

A couple of weeks ago, I drove through downtown Puxi early one Saturday
morning to have breakfast with a friend. To my surprise, I found a
parking spot across the street from the restaurant. After breakfast, my
friend and I left the restaurant, shook hands and parted ways. He went
in search of a taxi and I went in search of my car. Which had
disappeared. I experienced one of those cartoon double-take moments: I
rubbed my eyes and squinted hard.  No car. I cocked my head to one side
and emitted a Scooby Doo-like “Aroo?” But still, no car.

You can go here to read the entire story. 

I had a similar experience in Beijing once.  I’ll write about it soon.