Wandering Around Suwanna-BOOM!

No, that’s not a word I’m trying to make up.  It’s my attempt at spelling out phonetically how to pronounce the name of Bangkok’s new international airport.  It’s spelling in English is: Suvarnabhumi.  How they went from that pronunciation (suwannaboom) to that spelling is beyond me, but never mind, it’s a fun word to say. 

I got to spend several hours yesterday at Suvarnabhumi (remember: suwannaBOOM) airport, as I was transiting from Chiang Mai on my way home to Beijing.  My travel companions and I arrived at 8AM, and our Beijing-bound flight was scheduled for 11.  Just enough time to hit the Burger King!  We hiked what seemed like miles and miles to our next flight, arriving at the gate about 40 minutes before departure, as we’d been instructed.  But the boarding time came and went and there we stood.  The Thai Airways staff eventually told us that there was a mechanical problem with the plane, so they were preparing a different aircraft for our flight.  It would be about an hour delay.  And they told us to go to a different gate down at the end of the concourse. 
Our second boarding time came and went, and we were told it would be another hour yet.  This time, though, they brought out free sandwiches and drinks, which prompted a stampede to the counter!  Finally, they told us the aircraft was ready, and we boarded the busses that would take us to said aircraft.  So now, here we are, 3 busses full of passengers.  But apparantly they didn’t make it clear to the bus drivers exactly where our aircraft was, so we spent about 10 minutes driving all over the flight aprons looking for our plane.   It was pretty comical.  Eventually the busses stopped in front of an aircraft that was actually parked at a gate on the other side of the terminal, and we climbed the stairs to the jetway to board the plane.  Exactly 3 hours late, we lifted off.

Bye-bye SuwannaBOOM.  See you next year!