A Mousecapade

For lunch today, I and some colleagues headed off to our favorite Hunan restaurant, across the street from our office.  It’s a great place.  By noon the place was full, and we were busy stuffing ourselves with all manner of super spicy peppers (a characteristic of Hunan cuisine), when suddenly the patrons at a nearby table screamed and jumped away from the table.  Apparantly a mouse thought he was at an Olympic sporting event and decided to back flip into the soup.  He missed the soup, but I think he might have landed in the toufu, from where he scampered quickly to the floor.  Not fast enough, however to get away from the restaurant manager who grabbed him with a pair of chopsticks and marched off to the kitchen.  Naturally the diners at that table promptly left.  The rest of us just watched a bit, then went back to our peppers.  At our table we were a bit troubled that the mouse had been taken to the kitchen, and I must admit that we gave the next dish brought to our table some extra scrutiny. 

Only 320 more days until the Olympics!