Sniveling Forms Scrapped

Last year I wrote about the quarantine forms that visitors are required to fill out upon entering China: 

Upon entering China, there are many forms that need to be filled
out.  An Immigration Entry Form.  A customs Form.   A Health Form.  On
this form, the arriving traveler is asked to list all the diseases from which
they currently suffer, along with various symptoms that might be
present.  Of course there are the usual things, like fever, coughing,
and mysterious rashes.  But recently a new one has been added:
snivelling.  I presume that both idiots and non-idiots alike are
supposed to report their snivelling.
So, if you’re coming to China anytime soon, remember, NO SNIVELING!!

Today the General Administration of Quality
Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and the General
Administration of Civil Aviation issued a joint statement that these forms will be scrapped. Instead of filling out the forms, travelers will have to make an oral declaration to the border officers if they are sick……or sniveling!

In the run-up to the Olympics I suppose they thought it was easier to scrap the forms than it was to change the spelling!