Not My Favorite Headline

Sigh.  China’s having a bad summer, what with all the food scandals of late.  Too bad that a country with some of the world’s best food is now becoming known for some unsavory stuff.  Today there was yet another headline, the kind of headline that is slightly puzzling:  China Prohibits Poisonous Industrial Solvent in Toothpaste.  Is that implying that poisonous industrial solvent in toothpaste was permitted until this ban?

Two other recent headlines have caught my attention as well:

Beijing Steamed Buns Include Cardboard.  Yikes.  I love eating those steamed buns off the streets.  In fact, when my mom and her entourage were in town for the big birthday party in April, I took them to a hole-in-the-wall steamed bun eatery.  I don’t think we ate cardboard, though. 

Report: Fake Drinking Water Hits Beijing.  This one says that more than half of the bottled water sold for water coolers is fake.  Well, I have water delivered for my cooler every week.  I wonder if it’s fake.  Truth be told, I’m not too worried.  If it is fake water, it can’t be so bad, because I’ve been drinking it for three years and have never gotten sick.  Did somebody say hydrate?