No Socks!

My older sister (that would be jiejie in Chinese) and I have a running verbal battle going about socks.  She loves them.  I loathe them.  She changes her socks at least twice a day, and I always (jokingly, of course) tell her that I’m happy changing them twice a week!  I’M KIDDING, JAN!!! My feet just don’t like to be all wrapped up, and look forward to the day when the weather turns warm enough for the return of the sandals.

I’m heading to Thailand this afternoon for three weeks, so my feet are happy.  No socks!  In fact, I’m not even taking along a single pair of socks! Come to think of it, I’m happy too!

I’ll spend a week on the beach on Phuket, staying at a small family run place that I found 10 years ago, and that I have visited many times.  It was severely damaged in the tsunami 2 years ago, but has been rebuilt.  I’ll be keeping one eye on my book and one eye on the ocean.  I watched a documentary on the tsunami a few weeks ago, and learned an important lesson.  If the water in the bay suddenly empties out and goes THAT way, I’m running the other way as fast as I can! 

Following my week in the sun, I’ll go to Chiang Mai for a couple of weeks to attend a conference.   By mid-February, I’ll be back here in Beijing.  Wearing socks.